Wear Ninja's Edge t-shirt received after second class

Joggers or sweatpants preferred, no zippers or buttons. 

​Flexible Footwear or gripper socks

Class Levels

​- Recruit, 5-7 and 7-12

- Mighty , 6-12

- Warrior, 6-12

- Vortex, 6-12

- Guardian, 6-12

​- All Ninja,12-15

*All classes are 55 minutes long, except for Recruit 5-7 which is 45 minutes long

Advancing Levels

- Skills must be completed consistently 

     (3x in 3 different classes per skill)

-Must know required terminology

-See skill chart for more information

Mission Statement:To challenge individuals physically and mentally with obstacles, runs, and strategic movements to success in life.

​​Full range of motion for kids!

Summer schedule is now in session, enroll at any time for class day and time of your choice. Pay only for the dates you choose to come!

Difficulty of skills are categorized in the following levels.


​Spectrum Sports and Ninja's Edge 

Each level has a chart listing skills that must be completed to advance.

Ninja is structured training with perpetual motion using precision jumps, balance moves, tumbling, strength, and acceleration through obstacles.

Target skills are used in developing accuracy with speed for your free runs and individual ability in ninja.

Train in the sport of ninja or use it as an acceleration for alternative sports.  

Call to Check Availability and Schedule Class

(317) 587-1503 or (317) 587-8777