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July 1 - 5

August 12 - 19

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 Physical & Mental challenges during this structured class with perpetual motion by training in the sport of Ninja!

Build your foundation of strength, agility, and aerobic attributes for

alternative sports by developing a healthy lifestyle now and for the future.

Our coaching staff encourages and progresses your skill level for advancement, with target skills being instrumental

in Free Runs to develop accuracy with speed.

Fall/Winter Schedule begins August 19


Precision Jumps

Balance Moves

Hang Time


Registration for class required

  • Must wear Ninjas Edge T-shirt & Joggers or Sweat Pants (Elastic Waist)
  • Foot attire Age 7-15 Year Old Classes 
    • FLEXIBLE & LIGHT weight athletic shoe with grip
  • Foot Attire for 5-7 Year Old Classes
    • Grippy Socks or Flexible & Light weight athletic shoe with grip
  • Monthly Tuition >> As stated on Form
  • Make Ups must be called in to the office for availability to be scheduled
  • Rescheduled Make Ups cannot be re-scheduled again
  • Make Ups are forfeited if you "No show"
  • Make Ups must be completed while enrolled in the current schedule

  • Drop notice not given in writing & unpaid will be charged tuition plus a late fee of $15
  • $15 Late Fee assessed after grace week
  • All accounts in arrears sent to Collection along with Ninjas Edge late fees plus $40 Collection Fee


  • Print off Each PDF - Bring with Payment to Office
  • Ninjas Edge Registration  >>> PDF
  • Ninjas Edge Waiver  >>> PDF
  • Ninjas Edge Summer Flex Schedule  >>> PDF
  • Ninjas Edge Summer Payment Calendar  >>> PDF
  • Ninjas Edge Summer Camp >>> PDF

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