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Level 3

   •  Samme Bodine:  4th V, 3rd FX

   •  Emmeline Hahn:  5th AA,  3rd BM, 2nd FX

   •  Jenna Harris:  4th AA, 5th V, 5th BM

Excel Gold

   •  Lauren Dykes  3rd AA, 2nd B

   •  Lindsey Dykes:  1st AA, 3rd BM, 2nd FX​

2018 Indiana USA Gymnastics State Champions - Top 5 

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Monday - Thursday

4 - 8 pm

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Excel Bronze

   •  Emily Linder:  1st AA, 3rd V, 2nd B, 2nd BM, 1st FX

   •  Cydney Holmes:  3rd V

   •  Erin Adams:  5th V, 5th FX

   •  Ahni Bown-Harbin:  5th FX

Excel Silver

   •  Juliana Linder:  1st AA, 1st V, 2nd B, 3rd BM, 2nd FX

   •  Erin Parham:  2nd AA, 4th V, 4th B, 4th BM, 1st FX

   •  Lily Skinner:  2nd AA, 1st V, 4th B, 4th BM

   •  Haarika Bhamidipati:  2nd AA, 2nd V, 1st B, 5th BM, 5th FX

Gym & Office Hours  

Monday - Thursday 4 - 8 pm