Summary of Policies

Apparel:  Female Gymnasts  - Leotard Requires

                Male Gymnasts - T-Shirt & Shorts/Sweats

                Tumblers - T-Shirt/Shorts or Leo/Shorts

Hair:  Tied back, away from face

Siblings:  Only allowed in viewing area

Parents:  Do not take siblings on any apparatus

Students:  Not allowed in gym area unless in class

Viewing Area:  No balls or running

Withdrawal:  Paid 2 week written drop notice REQUIRED.  Drop Notice Form at the desk.  ** NO VERBAL DROPS!

Late Fees:  $10/Individual  $15/Family

Make Ups:  Must be scheduled through the office, cannot be rescheduled, if missed it's lost, and must be completed during paid enrollment with current schedule

Wondering what level to sign up for?

Call the office 


Gym Office Hours

Monday - Thursday

4 - 8 pm


Always Accepting New Students!

Revised 5/16

** NO Need to Complete the Student INFO FORM for Summertime CAMPS! 

Simply complete this FORM and send in!

* All NEW Students/or Not currently Enrolled​  >>> STUDENT  INFORMATION FORM

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