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Gymnastics & Tumble Fitness for Children | Carmel, IN

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Summary of Policies

Apparel:  Female Gymnasts  - Leotard Requires

                Male Gymnasts - T-Shirt & Shorts/Sweats

                Tumblers - T-Shirt/Shorts or Leo/Shorts

Hair:  Tied back, away from face

Siblings:  Only allowed in viewing area

Parents:  Do not take siblings on any apparatus

Students:  Not allowed in gym area unless in class

Viewing Area:  No balls or running

Withdrawal:  Paid 2 week written drop notice REQUIRED.  Drop Notice Form at the desk.  ** NO VERBAL DROPS!

Late Fees:  $15/Individual  $20/Family

Make Ups:  Must be scheduled through the office, cannot be rescheduled, if missed it's lost, and must be completed during paid enrollment with current schedule

No Refunds:  No reduction in tuition for missed classes

​Payments:  Checks or Personal Bill Pay; CC + 2% fee; No AMEX

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Monday - Thursday 4-8pm

Gym Office Hours

Monday - Thursday

4 - 8 pm


Rev'd 8.22.17

Always Accepting New Students!

     Gym Closed Spring Break: April 2-6