Gym Closed Spring Break: April 2-6 

  • Girls Basic

  • Girls Basic Plus

  • Girls PLUS
  • Gems House Team 
  • Boys Basic
  • Boys Basic Plus
  • Wiggler {35 mins}

  • Bumper {45 mins}

  • Tromper {45 mins}

  • Super Romper {55 mins}


Summary of Policies
Apparel:  Female Gymnasts  - Leotard Requires
                Male Gymnasts - T-Shirt & Shorts/Sweats
                Tumblers - T-Short/Shorts  Leo-Shorts
Hair:  Tied back, away from face
Siblings:  Only allowed in viewing area, not allowed on any gym equipment
Parents:  Do not take siblings on apparatus'
Students:  Not allowed in gym area unless in class
Viewing Area:  No balls or running
Withdrawal:  Paid 2 week written drop notice REQUIRED.  Drop Notice Form at the desk; Two additional paid classes not counting day of withdrawal; No form? = Charged for 2 weeks classes plus Late Fee

No refunds: No reduction in tuition for missed classes

Late Fees:  $15/Individual  $20/Family
Make Ups:  Must be scheduled through the office, cannot be rescheduled,

if missed it's lost, and must be completed during paid enrollment with current schedule

Payment:  CHECK or PERSONAL BILL PAY;  Credit Card, 2% Add'l Fee;   No AMEX

  • TUESDAYS 8 - 9pm
  • November 28 - May 1
  • Practice your skills!
  • Current Students $5
  • Others $7


Preschool Gymnastics

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*All students receive a medal at the end of the season in May

  • Basic

  • Basic Plus

  • Plus

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced


Our Preschool Program is designed for 
"Safety & Smiles." The format is a combination of general movement education with specific skills with our kinesthetic designed teaching system which exposes youngsters to gymnastics equipment by providing stimulation, teaching the feeling of being upside down, rotating motions, and body control through different movements.  

Your child with learn in a small group:

  • Listening skills
  • Follow directions
  • Coordination skills


We can help you select which Level

you need to participate in!

Fitness and Training for Children
Age 18 months - Grade 12 

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School Age Gymnastics



Ages 8 years - Grade 12

55 Minute Classes

Ages 18 months - 6 years

Ages 6 years - Grade 12

55 Minute Classes

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Exercises developing or displaying physical agility and coordination. The modern sport of gymnastics typically involves exercises on uneven bars, balance beam, floor, and vaulting horse (for women), and horizontal and parallel bars, rings, floor, and pommel horse (for men)