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Gymnastics & Tumble Fitness for Children | Carmel, IN

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​Our exceptionally talented coaching staff offers challenging encouragement intermingled with a ton of fun! 

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    We have been serving the Carmel area since 1997, with quality systematic gymnastic training.
     Our desire is to build a solid foundation to students that may want to pursue gymnastics as their sport of choice.  Gymnastics produces athletes ... The Spectrum family has the knowledge and outstanding training techniques to advance children onto excellence.    
    Quality coaching makes our gymnastic program come to life!  The diversified personalities of our devoted staff creates a great team of teaching.  
    Our staff offers encouragement while challenging the student to their greatest potential, as well as love the sport of gymnastics the high energy of the students!

Quality Recreational Coaches and EXPERIENCED EXCEL TEAM Coach


Kinesthetic Awareness


Spacial Awareness




Office Hours  4 - 8 pm

   Monday - Thursday   

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Conveniently located on the north side of W. Carmel Dr.

in the heart of Carmel, IN

Between Rangline Road and the Monon Bridge